CCFM provides services that help farmers sell and market their produce directly to consumers. We also provide similar services to artisans, crafters and food vendors.

We specialize in setting up Farmers' Markets, for the benefit of small Californian certified farmers, local government agencies and the neighborhoods where the markets are run. CCFM's data bank of farmers and growers exceeds over 3000 producers and over 45,000 consumers.

If you are interested in setting up a Farmers' Market in your community, please contact Jennifer McColm, our President, at 818-591-8286.
What makes our certified farmer's
markets unique?

  • Quaint European style and ambience in a fresh open-air environment.
  • Assurance of the Highest Quality Standards in Certified Farmers and their products.
  • Community Oriented   Supported.
  • Cooking Demonstrations by local restaurants.
  • "Garden School" Sponsorships & Grants.
  • Providing customers year 'round with a selection of fresh, seasonal produce straight from the Farms that are top quality among Certified Farmers Markets.